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  • This video shows a beautiful and brilliant conversation among...
    This video shows a beautiful and brilliant conversation among qpoc discussing the perceptions of queerness in their respective cultural communities. The epi is from the webseries, The Peculiar Kind
  • Buraka Som Sistema
    Buraka Som Sistema: Buraka Som Sistema is an electronic dance music project from Portugal, specializing in a fusion of techno beats with the African zouk and Angolan kuduro genre. It is generally credited with creating the “zouk bass” and “progressive kuduro” variant [1] and has received an MTV European Music Award.[2]  (via Wiki) Vio
  • In Denial Over Racism in Brazil
    In Denial Over Racism in Brazil: One Friday night last month, the electricity was off in the streets of Palmeirinha, a favela in Rio de Janeiro. Three black teenagers were joking around in front of their houses. One of them started to run and the others followed, laughing. At that moment, the police came out shooting. Chauan Jambre Cezário, 19 years old, was
  • We are Afro-Mexican|"I am Blaxican"
    We are Afro-Mexican|"I am Blaxican": This week I decided to interview my dad; my inspiration for this project. The interview was conducted in Spanish, the English version is translated! Esta semana decidi entrevistar a mi papa; la ins…
  • blvck-is-a-culture: kenrgy:never will be. 💸💸💸
    blvck-is-a-culture: kenrgy:never will be. 💸💸💸